Friday, July 16, 2010

The Last Makan-makan

The last makan-makan session with two lovely ladies who has affected my life...being a major part in an unforgettable phase of my long journey...

It was supposed to be a sad makan-makan session (as it should be better said as a farewell party)... However, I just did not want tears become part of the session, so we just talked about happy things as in daily chats and as nothing is going to happened...

Anyway, here are the treat we indulged ourselves in...

Dory Fish and Sprouts

Soft Tofu in Fish Sauce

Tak tau pe nama dia..tapi macam sotong ball..Sedap!!!
Black Pepper Beef and Sprouts

Scallops nugget kot....Sedap jugak...

Saucy Chicken with Sprouts

* the main dishes are paired with a Japanese bowl of rice and soup...they are ALL saltier than average salty taste we used to...however, you would like to plan when is your next visit should be...memang makan kt sini sumpah SEDAP!!!

Abang danAdik ~ Amirul & Amira (anak-anak Kak Rina)

Sisterhood~ Kak Marina, saya and Kak 'Dr.' Rina

Thanks from the whole world because both of you are really "something"
that I never forget in my life ever.....:'(

*it's a shame and sad that I am leaving both of you...till we meet again
I wish you all the HAPPINESS in the WORLD!!!

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